(VET) Life of Moses

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This course provides the student with an in-depth study on the life of
Moses. Moses is one of the most prominent figures in the Old
Testament. While Abraham is called the “Father of the Faithful” and the
recipient of God’s unconditional covenant of grace to His people, Moses
was the man chosen to bring redemption to His people. He was a type of

Course Goal:

The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the life and story
of Moses.

Virtual Class Schedule: 

Saturday 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Instructor Information:

Name:           Minister Jacqueline Hurst

Telephone:        770-575-9421 

Office E-Mail:    rtaylor@thefaithbibleinstitute.com

What Will I Learn?

  • One of the most important things that you will learn about the story of Moses is that Moses stayed true, loyal, and faithful to God the Father during the entire 40-year journey in the wilderness. The Bible says that the Israelites were constantly complaining, moaning, and grumbling about everything.

Material Includes

  • The Bible will be our main source for scripture reference.


  • Students are encouraged to take good notes and listen
  • attentively in class. Participation is key.